History and organization

For an entrepreneurial idea to grow, in-depth knowledge of the profession is essential but it is even more important to set off along the path with enthusiasm and passion to defeat the many adversities that may be encountered on the way. Knowledge is constantly evolving and so you have to be ready for continuous change to satisfy a very dynamic market.

Mechanical constructions: a family vocation.

A modern organization
that does not fear the most
challenging contracts.

Today the industrial sites cover an area of 19,000 sq. m., of which 9,000 are covered and with modern equipment that ensures an optimal organization of work. The distribution of space, the choice of highly advanced machine tools and the careful management of the phases of work ensure fluid management of the contracts, with the advantage of guaranteeing the necessary attention for quality and the respect of schedules. The workshops are divided into the three fundamental sectors of modern mechanics: structural work, mechanics and assembly. In this context, SABE can cope with particularly challenging jobs, both regarding the dimension of the articles and the final result, thanks to meticulous quality control.

Large plants require
high quality.

The articles made by SABE are always fundamental pieces of large-scale projects. therefore all the functionality of the plant depends on their reliability. Taking part in such important structures, where the investments of capital and resources are enormous. nothing is left to improvisation. SABE’s competence in managing work of great responsibility is now acknowledged by the market, and theinternal organization totally respects the quality control procedures which ensure full respect of the customers’ requirements.


collaboration gives good results.

The great experience matured by SABE engineers allows providing the customer consulting support with high added value. Working alongside the designers of the customer company allows optimizing the phases of work, choosing the best technical solutions according to production and using the equipment and competence of SABE to the best advantage. A project which is the result of the collaboration between customer and supplier offers the certainty of reaching its conclusion in the best way possible.